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Welcome to WED’s new blog - WEDpinning: Everything Weddings on Pinterest.

We’ll show you the best wedding boards on Pinterest, articles to help with your pinning, and track Pinterest trends.  Check back for more and follow @wedbiz on Twitter for updates.  For all Pinterest articles from our WED Blog, click HERE.  Check out WED’s pin boards on Pinterest.

Be sure to look for our Wedding Pin Board of the Week below!


Here Comes the Bride! Signs to Announce your Arrival in Style {with Pinterest Board}

Don’t want to give your Ringbearer the real rings?  And an empty pillow just isn’t your style?  Have him announce your arrival instead. 

One of our favorite trends is incorporation of “Here Come the Bride” type signs to announce the Bride’s arrival.  We’ve picked our favorites from and pinned them on our “Here Comes the Bride” board on Pinterest.  See all our favs on our pin board.


Source: via WED on Pinterest



Finally! An option to keep your Pinning Private - Secret Boards on Pinterest!

Good News!!  Pinterest has introduced private boards today — great for wedding planners and other vendors who want to share directly with a bride without making it a public board! 

Here’s the announcement from Pinterest:


Today, we’re excited to continue this tradition with a new feature we hope will make Pinterest even better—secret boards. Secret boards give you a place for things you’re not quite ready to share yet, like a surprise party, special gift ideas, or even planning for a new baby. We’re testing out the feature by giving everyone 3 secret boards. You’ll find them at the bottom of your profile. We can’t wait to hear what you think!

On behalf of our team here at Pinterest, thanks so much for pinning, inviting your friends, and sending us ideas for how we can improve. Most of all, thanks for sharing your inspirations. With your help, we’ll make Pinterest a little better every day.

—Ben & the Pinterest Team

Happy Pinning!!


Cool Pin it to Win it contest from The Perfect Palette and The Seating Chart Boutique

We just saw this posted by The Perfect Palette - fun stuff!!  It’s just so pretty we had to share!
{”PIN IT” TO WIN IT GIVEAWAY!}: Win a FREE Seating Chart and 20 Table Numbers from our friends over at The Seating Chart Boutique! Enter here for a chance to win!


New Categories on Pinterest 

Pinterest recently added new categories, including changing “Weddings & Events”to “Weddings” and “Holidays & Events.”  Be sure to check out all the available category options allowing other pinners to locate your pin boards. 

For those boards that were previously categorized under “Weddings & Events,” they now seem to be under “Weddings.”  Double check your boards to make sure they are categorized correctly.


From the Pinterest Blog

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Announcing New Categories on Pinterest!

If you’re brand new to Pinterest and want to discover more pins apart from people you follow, Pinners would tell you to check out the Categories. Clicking the Categories menu lets you view whole sections of pins about your favorite interests, whether it’s “Food & Drink”, “Architecture”, or “Home Decor”.

Now, we’re very excited to announce new categories on Pinterest, including “Quotes”, “Tattoos”, and “Weddings”!

All our old categories have also been improved so you should see less miscategorized pins as you browse. We’ll always be adjusting our technologies to make them more accurate, but we really appreciate the feedback we received to get us to this point.

Lastly, we tweaked a few category names to better showcase the interests and communities we’ve seen grow on Pinterest. For example, “Pets” is now “Animals”, and “Prints & Posters” is freshly minted as “Illustrations & Posters”.

These changes will be rolling out to everyone over the next week, so don’t be worried if you don’t notice them immediately.

We hope you’ll go give the categories a look and have fun repinning or following some new Pinners. And, if you’ve always wondered how to show off your pins in the category feeds, you can read our best practices here.

Happy exploring and happy pinning!


Hey, where's my board??? Missing boards on Pinterest

If you created a pin board recently and suddenly you no longer see it under your profile, you’re not alone.  There is a known issue currently happening with Pinterest boards.  See the info we found on the support page:

Issue: Missing Boards & New Boards Not Appearing in Lists

posted this on Jul 24 22:10

Update 7/26 at 11AM: While many missing boards have been restored to user profiles, additional users continue to be impacted. We’re getting closer to resolving the issue for all users. No action is required from affected users at this time - please check back here for updates and thanks for your patience!


Issue description: Some users are reporting that their new boards are not appearing on either:

1) The list of boards on their profile

2) Their list of boards available when pinning

We’ve confirmed an issue, and our engineers are working on resolving it as quickly as possible.

Note: while we work on this issue, you may be able to access your board by going to the “Pins” tab on your profile and clicking the board name at the bottom of a pin.

Thank you for your patience!

For more info, go to the Pinterest Support Page at: