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Welcome to the WedBiz Journal blog for wedding professionals.  WedBiz Journal offers business and marketing advice to wedding vendors. 

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Search Engine Marketing vs. Social Media Marketing - who wins the matchup?

Here’s a fun way to see how search engine marketing and social media marketing match up.  So, where should you put your focus?  A combination punch of course!  See more in the video below:


Six Practical Tips for More Success with Guest Posts for Link Building

Did you know that WED and WedBiz Journal accepts guest writers on our blog and in our magazine?  Below are a few great reasons why you may want to write a guest blog by Kelvin Newman, on the Linkbuilding blog at State of Search.

Six Practical Tips for More Success with Guest Posts for Link Building

by Kelvin Newman, State of Search

With the rise of blogging more and more SEO Link building campaigns have come to rely on guest posting on other sites as a means of generating the kind of trusted editorial links which the search engines love.

So beyond the basic advice to try guest posting, what can you do to try and ensure that you guest post campaign is successful? Below are six pieces of advice which have helped me in my guest posting efforts.

If they’ve published guest posts in the past they will be more receptive

One of the toughest challenges in building links with guest posts is finding the right people to approach. Many people who blog see it as a unique personal publishing platform, so the idea of allowing someone else to publish on their site doesn’t make sense. You’re wasting both your time approaching these bloggers, so try and make yourself more efficient by contact people who will be receptive to your approach.

I do this by actively seeking out people who have published guest posts in the past, as there’s a strong likelihood they’ll do the same again in the future.The easiest way to do this is by setting up a Google Alert for a search term like “your keyword” “guest post”. Every time Google find the words guest post and your keywords on a page you get an email.

Use advanced search operators to find opportunities

While the Google Alert above does work, it can often create as much noise as signal. So how can you improve upon this? I’ve had some good success with two particular Google searches using their advanced operators work much better.

The first is inurl:category/guest your keyword this will find all the blog posts which have been categorised in a category called guest and that also contain the keyword relevant to the site your building links to. This works amazingly well but relies on the blogger putting all their guest posts in a separate category, which isn’t always the case. For these exceptions there’s another advanced search query you can run.

Search for inpostauthor:guest your keyword this will find the blog posts where there is an author called guest, guest post, guest contributor etc.  (Hat tip to Yoast on this one)

Between these two search queries you’ll find the hottest prospects for guest posts in any keyword sector.


Interested in writing for WED or WedBiz Journal?  Find more information HERE.